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How the Lady Downe Trust Grants Aided Me:

Throughout my university career, I received various grants from the Trust. The grants helped me tremulously. During my first year I was able to use it to pay for textbooks and other supplies during my first year. I also used the grant as my deposit for my London flat as well as a bit of living expenses during my internship at a start-up. This was carried over to be used for various house deposits. Finally, the grant paid for my air tickets and some rent for my academic exchange semester at NTU in Singapore. The support from Lady Downe meant that I was able to take full advantage of my degree, with less financial stress. These experiences have taught me so much and put me in a very advantageous position going forward in my career.


In June 2018, I was lucky enough to travel to Uganda with the charity East African Playgrounds. Being in my second year of university, its unlikely Id have been able to have this experience without the generosity of the Lady Downe Trust. The grant I received enabled me to help EAP to really make a difference to the lives of local children by building a playground in a village boarding school. I also trekked into Bwindi Impenetrable National Park to observe the last mountain gorillas in the wild, aiding their conservation, and go on safari in Murchison Falls National Park. This was amazing and very beneficial to my degree in Animal Behaviour. During my month in Uganda I met people from all over the world, gaining insight into different cultures, beliefs and ways of life. This was a once in a lifetime trip, and I am incredibly grateful to the Trustees of the Lady Downe Trust, without whom I would not have made these lifelong memories and friends.

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