The Lady Downe Charity
The Charity’s area

The Charity is restricted to helping those who live (and have lived for at least one year) in the Parish of Upton St Leonards as constituted pre-1966 (this includes parts of Abbeydale, Abbeymead and Cooper’s Edge) or who have at any time been resident for not less than ten years and who still have a close connection with the parish. 

In exceptional circumstances, an application may be heard from someone living immediately outside this area.  

Please refer to the list of streets for guidance (downloadable from the 'how to apply' page).

How the Charity allocates its income

The charity’s primary objects are to help residents of the parish of Upton St Leonards who may be in need, hardship or distress (the Trustees are able to assist in a variety of ways including grants of money or payments for items, services or facilities), to provide special benefits for the local School, and to support the education and training of young people under the age of 25 through scholarships, grants and allowances, by providing clothing, tools, instruments or books and by enabling them to undertake travel in furtherance of their education or preparation to enter a trade, profession or service. 

In addition, the Charity may assist primary and secondary schools attended by pupils resident in the area of the charity.

Finally, the charity may help any charitable organisation in its area which aims to advance the education of its beneficiaries or improve their life through their leisure time (but this help excludes normal running expenses).

Sports clubs may qualify if their facilities or memberships are open to any resident, and the Club advances the education of school-age children.

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